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    11. May 1921
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    11. May 1921
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Rural schools. Nebraska Cottage. July 1917

Rural schools. Manual training. July 1917.

Portion of Sanitarium, July 1917, Madison, Tenn.

Rural schools. E. G. Sutherland Cottage and Boulder Cottage. July 1917.

Rural schools. Phelps Hall. July 1917.

Ruralschools. Boys Cottages. July 1917

Ruralschools. A garden scene. Madison School. July 1917

Rural schools. Fruit and vegetable House. July 1917

Madison College 1917. General view of Building as one approaches it from the roa...

"Remember your friends of Washington D.C." 1919, DF115

William C. White, c. 1920

William C. White, c. 1920

William C. White, ca. 1920

Main entrance of the Battle Creek Sanitorium decorated for Christmas around 1920

General Conference Office 1921

Pacific Press Publishing House, May 10, 1921



Burned old Dime Tabernacle in Battle Creek, Mich. Backside of the post card: "En...

The S.D.A. Church in Bukarest 1923


Elder Lewis H. Ells | Notes unter the article from Aug. 9, 1923: Lewis Henry Ell...

"Grandpa Nicola and his bicycle" article by Mrs. Charles W. Heald, Battle Creek,...

Eugene W. Farnsworth, taken in 1926

New SDA Tabernacle Battle Creek, Mich. (1926)