A Word from the Director

Welcome to the Ellen G. White Estate Branch office (EGWEBO) at Adventist University of Africa, which officially was opened on 12 November 2013. As you browse our site or come in person for a research in the office, I am certain you will discover that the EGWEBO is dedicated to acquiring and preserving a comprehensive collection of Ellen G. White writings and church heritage resources in all formats. Whether you are a student, faculty or a staff at the university, we look forward to provide you with the most competent assistance in the use of these materials, and maintain a welcoming, user-friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
We look forward to assist you in your research and direct your attention not only to the letter, but also to the Spirit behind the Ellen G. White's writings.At the same time, we are to serve the wide community around us by organizing special SDA heritage-oriented/Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath programs that would reveal the life and ministry of SDA pioneers and make them applicable to the contemporary Adventists in Africa. If you are interested in having seminars on selected topics related to Ellen G. White's writings, their interpretation (hermeneutics) and application in your church, camp-meeting or a conference, we would love to assist you.