New books

The following books were recently added to the library of Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office. They are great tools for researchers in Adventist history.

Glimpses into the Life of Ellen White by Jim Nix

"This book is filled with stories that provide a fascinating look behind the scenes at the life and times of Ellen White. Some of the stories will make you smile; others will move you to tears; but all show that Ellen White was a very real person who chose to dedicate her life in service to the One she called, "My Father."" (Back Cover)


The Unknown Prophet by Delbert W. Baker

The book is about Willam Ellis Foy. He was an African-American minister of the nineteenth century whom historical records had generally overlooked. The popular book The Unknown Prophet demonstrated that Foy received powerful revelations from God about coming tribulation, judgement, and heaven awaiting thosw who were faithful to God. Foy's message was straightforward - be faithful, because Jesus is coming again! William Foy faced incredible trials and struggles yet faithfully fulfilled his time-specific prophetic commission during the height of the Millerite movement and went on to maintain a quiet and productive ministry until his death in the late 1800s. (Back Cover)