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Grade: Grade 7 and 8
Title Grade Body Lessons plan Audio Worksheets Teacher's key
God's Messengers(7-8 lesson) Grade 7 and 8
  • Reading Story—"Called to Preach" John Loughborough was called to be a minister. He loved preaching but struggled financially and was tempted to quit. But Ellen White encouraged him to have faith, and he continued preaching for another 70 years.
  • Audio Story—"God's Command" Ellen Harmon was hesitant about sharing her visions. She was only 17, timid, and ill. It was winter time, and they were out of money. Besides, a young unmarried girl wasn't supposed to travel around. Ellen Harmon became depressed, and some believers came together pray for her. Ellen agreed to join them for prayer. A sudden light came upon her, and Ellen knew she had to tell others about what she had seen. Her sister wondered how Ellen could speak publicly when her voice was so weak, but God gave her the strength, and her voice remained strong while she spoke.
Gods Messengers_7-8 God's Command Gods Messengers 7&8 KEY
Healing Broken Relationships Grade 7 and 8
  • Reading Story—"Sued for Kindness" After Mrs. White raised her two nieces, Addie and May, their father re-appeared on the scene (after the girls are college-age) and decided to sue her for $25,000 on the charge of stealing his daughters' affections!
  • Audio Story—"The Last Sunset" As James and Ellen White traveled back to Battle Creek after a weekend evangelistic meeting in Charlotte, Michigan, James complained of a pain in his legs. A few days later he suffered severe chills. Soon Ellen also was sick, and they were both taken to the sanitarium where they were diagnosed with malarial fever. Ellen grew better, but James continued to get worse. On August 6, 1881, James lapsed into a coma, and later that evening passed away. Ellen was stricken with grief, but a week later, at her husband's funeral, She spoke of the day when their broken family would be reunited. She looked forward to the day when they would gather around the great white throne in heaven.
Healing Broken Relationships(7-8 lesson's plan) The Last Sunset Healing Broken Relationships 7&8 KEY
Grade: Grade 9 and 10
Title Grade Body Lessons plan Audio Worksheets Teacher's key
Jesus-focused Learning (9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Time for School" A young, recent Adventist convert, Goodloe Harper Bell, began teaching a group of fourteen boys English grammar. Soon, Mr. Bell was asked to start a Christian school, paving the way for other Seventh-day Adventist schools. This tiny school eventually grew to become Battle Creek College, then Emmanuel Missionary College, and eventually Andrews University.
Jesus-focused Learning-9-10(lesson plan) None None
God's Messengers Part 2 Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story 2—"Write It Down" While attending the funeral of a friend, Ellen White was given a vision about the great controversy between Christ and Satan. God told her to write down what she was shown. She was warned that Satan would try to stop her from accomplishing this, but that angels would help her prevail.
Gods Messenger-Part 2 - 9 and10(lesson's plan) None None
Windows Into God's Word (9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Searching the Scriptures" The study of Scripture convicted William Miller that "Scriptures must be a revelation from God." He found that "The Scriptures became my delight, and in Jesus I found a Friend."

Also, through deep Bible study, John Nevins Andrews became thoroughly convicted that Saturday was the holy Sabbath.

Windows Into Gods Word(9-10 lesson plan) None Windows Into Gods Word wksht_key
Discover Jesus(9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Cannon Shell" As a deist, William Miller did not believe God was personally interested in His created beings. However, events transpired in his life that led him to study the Bible and caused him to re-evaluate his erroneous ideas about God.
Discover Jesus 9-10 None None
Privilege of Talents(9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Helping Anna" Anna Knight recounts the kindness of Amanda Chambers, who worked hard to supply Anna with clothes for attending school. Mrs. Chambers invested in Anna because she believed Anna would become a great worker for God someday. This faith and kindness deeply affected Anna and she determined to make something of her life for God.
Privilege of Talents 9-10(lesson's plan) None Privilege of Talents wksht_key
Joy in Witnessing Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"The Monomaniac" Having been labeled a monomaniac by a local physician, William Miller pretended also to be sick when the physician came to treat one of Miller's children who was ill. The humorous Miller paid the doctor to stay and treat his 'monomania' while he gave the doctor a Bible study on last-day events. The good doctor was convicted of the truth and became as much a "monomaniac" as Miller himself!
Joy in Witnessing-9-10 None Joy in Witnessing (9-10 key)
Freedom in Healthy Living(9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Health Changes" Looking back on medical practice of the 1800s, many of their remedies appear silly or even dangerous to us today. But Ellen White was given a vision to share with others to help them (and us) live healthier lifestyles. The health message given to her by God nearly 150 years ago is still relevant and up-to-date.
Freedom in Healthy Living-9-10(lesson plan) None None
Freedom From Fear (9-10) Grade 9 and 10
  • Reading Story—"Preaching Without Fear" Relying on God's protection, Joseph Bates and H. S. Gurney preached God's Word to people in the South, placing themselves in danger of being mistaken for abolitionists and being hung on the spot by angry mobs.
Freedom From Fear (lesson's plan 9-10) None Freedom From Fear (9-10 key)