1. 108. Our Position (DF 562)

    25. April 1865
  2. 110. A Woman on "Waterfalls" (10-B-2)

    12. September 1865
  3. 116. The Lord's Supper (DF 695)

    16. April 1867
  4. 119. Quotations and Answers (31-B-25-A)

    08. October 1867
  5. 120. Reform Dress (10-B-1-A)

    08. October 1867


Ellen G. White, circa 1864

Time to Commence the Sabbath - Why not Corrected by Visions (25-J-3)

1855 Time to Commence the Sabbath (25-J-3)

Edson and Willie White, c. 1865

James Edson White, c. 1865

Compilation of Extracts, from the Publications of Seventh-Day Adventists, Setting Forth Their Views of the Sinfulness of War, Referred to in the Annexed Affidavits. (DF 320)

The Time Has Come for the Fulfillment of Revelation 7:3 (DF 562)

Our Position (DF 562)

Celebration at Battle Creek (16-I-1)

A Woman on "Waterfalls" (10-B-2)

Phoebe Lamson, M. D., Pioneer Woman - Physician at Western Health Reform Inst. -...

The Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich., Established 1866

Resolutions on Dress (10-B-1)

What the Bible is not? (DF 389)

Remarkable Fulfillments of the Visions. No. 2 (DF 105)

The Lord's Supper (DF 695)

Blackened Faces at Social Gatherings Programs (10-G-6)

Questions and Answers on Short Dress by Ellen G. White (10-B-1)

Quotations and Answers (31-B-25-A)

Reform Dress (10-B-1-A)

William C. White as a very young man, tintype, c. 1868

Battle Creek Sanitarium. Health Reform Institute, Battle Creek, Mich. 1868

Battle Creek Sanitorium. Western Health Reform Institute. Est. 1866. Photo taken...

Review and Herald, about 1868

Objection 47. - Herod (4-B-3)