1. 99476. Saint

    A person set apart, or dedicated, to holy use or service ( Heb. qadoÆsh , Aram. qaddéÆsh , Gr. hagios , meaning “holy one,” “one separated,” or “set apart.” The KJV also translates the Heb. ...
  2. 99477. Adventist Men

    A men’s service organization that was intended to give direction and strength to church lay leaders, lay preaching, and other lines of Christian service, such as prison ministry, civil defense, and ce ...
  3. 99480. Critics on Ellen G. White

    29 April 1996
  4. 99481. Request Clarification

    11 August 1997
  5. 99482. Ellen G. White's Writings (2)

    08 December 1999
  6. 99483. David Voth

    (1875-1968). Chaplain, evangelist, administrator, pastor. He was a native of South Dakota and a graduate of Union College. ...
  7. 99484. Theophil Babienco

    (1850-1943). One of the pioneer Seventh-day Adventists in Russia; lay evangelist. He was a native of the village of Tarashcha in the Ukraine south of Kiev. ...
  8. 99485. Lionel Brooking

    ( fl. 1892-1904). One of the earliest Seventh-day Adventist converts in Argentina, and later a colporteur in Argentina and in England. ...
  9. 99486. Alfred Cooper

    (1867-1945). One of the pioneer Seventh-day Adventist workers in Mexico. He was born in England but later lived in the United States. ...
  10. 99487. Robert Ingersoll

    (1874-1955). Medical missionary to India. His parents became Seventh-day Adventists shortly after his birth, and he joined the church at the age of 14. ...
  11. 99489. Church Ministries Department

    Department created at the 1985 General Conference session in New Orleans, formed from a merger of four former departments and a service of the General Conference (namely, Lay Activities, Sabbath Schoo ...
  12. 99491. Vermont: Conference and Baptism

    Thursday morning, December 26, James and Ellen White and John Andrews hastened on to northern Vermont, where a conference was to begin in West Enosburg Friday evening in the church close to the A ...
    27. December 1867
  13. 99492. The Retirement Years

    09 August 2000
  14. 99493. John Lipke

    (1875-1943). Pioneer missionary in Brazil; teacher, administrator, and physician, who helped to establish Adventist publishing, educational, and medical work there. ...
  15. 99494. Sven Jespersson

    (1864-1927). Medical missionary in Palestine and Algeria. As a young man he went to Germany from his native Sweden and there in 1891 became a Seventh-day Adventist. ...
  16. 99495. Otto Lüpke

    (1871-1914). Educator and minister in Germany. He met Adventists in the mid-1890s, and after joining the church, entered the colporteur work in western Germany. ...
  17. 99496. Nora Mattison

    (1886-1953). Teacher and Bible instructor in India; wife of M. M. Mattison. She was a graduate of Keene in the class of 1910 (normal diploma), later taught church school for two years at Ketchum, Okla ...
  18. 99497. Herman Menkel

    (1875-1957). Physician, evangelist, and editor. He was born in New York City and spent his childhood in Missouri, where he attended public schools. ...
  19. 99498. Sidney Rittenhouse

    (1886-1974). Pastor, departmental secretary, administrator. A native of South Dakota, he received his education at Mount Ellis Academy in Montana and at Walla Walla College in the state of Washington. ...
  20. 99499. Chester Schneider

    (1892-1956). Physician, missionary. He was baptized in 1912, and in 1917 was graduated from Clinton Theological Seminary. ...
  21. 99500. Merritt Warren

    (1890-1970). Missionary to the Far East. A native of Iowa, he was one of the first students to attend Pacific Union College. ...



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