Are the modern Bible translations dangerous?

Did someone sneak Trinity statements into Ellen White’s books?

Did Ellen White say children shouldn’t touch dogs and cats?

Will only one in ten Adventists be saved?

Were Ellen White’s visions the result of epilepsy?

Did Ellen White say we can’t know whether we’re saved?

What about dancing?

Haven't some of Ellen White's writings been suppressed?

What is the Ellen G. White Estate?

Do Seventh-day Adventists believe that the writings of Ellen G. White are equal to, or an addition to, the Scriptures? If the Bible is all-sufficient, why do we need Ellen White's writings?

Can we use artificial birth control?

Did Ellen White plagiarize other people’s books?


Should we keep the Old Testament feasts today?

Did Ellen White say the General Conference is Babylon?

Should we avoid chemotherapy and other modern medical treatments?

Did Ellen White say the genes of all the races were in Adam?

EGW Writings App for Android

Where did Ellen White say that God has left the church?

Could Lucifer sing four parts simultaneously?

Why did Elijah have to pray seven times?

Is there something wrong with using drums?

Did Ellen White say anything about dinosaurs?

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