1. 99401. Auditing Service

    An organization that makes a systematic audit of financial records of all organizations in the Seventh-day Adventist body from the local church to the General Conference. From the time the General Con ...
  2. 99402. Lifestyle Magazine

    A magazine-format program launched in 1985 by Faith for Today. First known as Christian Lifestyle Magazine, it featured interviews and stories of people who are making a difference by doing. ...
  3. 99405.

    27 April 2000
  4. 99407. Milton Kern

    (1875-1961). Educator and youth leader. He was educated at Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska, and in 1900 married Florence Pierce. For four years, from 1900 to 1904, Kern was head of the Bible and hist ...
  5. 99408. Tazwell Buckner

    (1860-1924). Minister; one of the first Black Seventh-day Adventist workers in the South. Beginning as a self-supporting colporteur in 1890, he established numerous companies of SDA believers througho ...
  6. 99409. Lora Clement

    (1890-1958). Editor. After graduating from Union College in 1908, she became secretary to M. E. Kern in Washington (1908-1911). ...
  7. 99410. Robert Salau

    (1900-1973). Pioneer missionary, teacher, and administrator. Robert Salau was about 20 years old when the Seventh-day Adventist Mission came to his village on Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, in 1919. ...
  8. 99411. The Testimony of Jesus (DF 931)

    Test Question for Lessons 1 & 2 (The Gift of Prophecy & Creating Confidence in the Vision)
  9. 99414. The Board of the Review

    Actions of the conference included the appointment of Henry Lyon, David Hewitt, and William M. Smith, all of Battle Creek, to be a committee to investigate the financial condition of the Revi ...
    16. November 1855
  10. 99415. Capron, Oklahoma, US

    Capron, OK
    United States
  11. 99416. Number 666

    15 February 2008
  12. 99417. Foot-Reflexology

    08 April 2003
  13. 99418. Trinity

    26 December 2000
  14. 99419. Health and Happiness

    16 July 2003
  15. 99420. Help on an Ellen White Report

    21 November 2002
  16. 99421. L. Hoopes

    (1859-1925). Educator, editor, missionary. He was educated at the University of Nebraska and taught there and at other schools for several years before accepting the Seventh-day Adventist faith in 188 ...
  17. 99422. J. Cook

    (1804-1874). Baptist minister, Millerite preacher, and editor. After the disappointment in 1844 he joined J. D. ...
  18. 99423. Jules Guenin

    (1883-1965). Evangelist, teacher, author, and administrator. He was born in Switzerland and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1898. ...
  19. 99424. C. Scriven

    (1896-1964). Administrator. He was born in Iowa and entered the ministry in the South Dakota Conference in 1916. ...


Auditing Service

Lifestyle Magazine

Diamonds Turning to Dust (31-C-16)

Material on "Competition" (10-G)

Ellen G. White Regarding the Twin Towers

Milton Kern

Tazwell Buckner

Lora Clement

Robert Salau

The Testimony of Jesus (DF 931)

Apostasy of A. T. Jones (16-C-1-A)

Regarding Politics and Voting (13-D)

The Board of the Review

Capron, Oklahoma, US

Number 666



Health and Happiness

Help on an Ellen White Report

L. Hoopes

J. Cook

Jules Guenin

C. Scriven

Voting on Sabbath for Temp. Cause (13-D)