Standards of the Adventist Church

Did Ellen White believe the earth to be about 6,000 years old?

Did Mrs. White’s understanding of the cause of diseases change?

Have people changed the words of our Bibles?

How could Christ’s deity not have died on the cross?

May we celebrate Christmas?

Are Ellen White’s writings a “lesser light”?

What kind of relationship between Ellen G. White and Israel Dammon?

Did Ellen White condemn the doctrine of the Trinity?

Must we always kneel when we pray?

Is the inspiration of Ellen White a test of fellowship?

Can we trust the compilations?

Have the most important books Ellen White wrote been changed?

Did Ellen White warn against having large churches?

Did a photographer catch Ellen White wearing a gold chain?


Did Mrs. White say the Adventist Church “will go through”?

Was Ellen White wrong about a temple in the New Jerusalem?

How could a true prophet have proclaimed the shut-door doctrine?

Health and Diet

Are Adventists forbidden to have church socials?

Failed Visions

May we eat fermented foods and mushrooms?

Should people of other races not seek equality with white people?

May we have crosses in our churches?