1. 99401. Sven Jespersson

    (1864-1927). Medical missionary in Palestine and Algeria. As a young man he went to Germany from his native Sweden and there in 1891 became a Seventh-day Adventist. ...
  2. 99402. Otto Lüpke

    (1871-1914). Educator and minister in Germany. He met Adventists in the mid-1890s, and after joining the church, entered the colporteur work in western Germany. ...
  3. 99403. Nora Mattison

    (1886-1953). Teacher and Bible instructor in India; wife of M. M. Mattison. She was a graduate of Keene in the class of 1910 (normal diploma), later taught church school for two years at Ketchum, Okla ...
  4. 99404. Herman Menkel

    (1875-1957). Physician, evangelist, and editor. He was born in New York City and spent his childhood in Missouri, where he attended public schools. ...
  5. 99405. Sidney Rittenhouse

    (1886-1974). Pastor, departmental secretary, administrator. A native of South Dakota, he received his education at Mount Ellis Academy in Montana and at Walla Walla College in the state of Washington. ...
  6. 99406. Chester Schneider

    (1892-1956). Physician, missionary. He was baptized in 1912, and in 1917 was graduated from Clinton Theological Seminary. ...
  7. 99407. Merritt Warren

    (1890-1970). Missionary to the Far East. A native of Iowa, he was one of the first students to attend Pacific Union College. ...
  8. 99408. Editorials and Articles

    In White's editorials he reviewed the rise and progress of health reform among Seventh-day Adventists. ...
    November 1870
  9. 99409. Alfred Olsen

    (1869-1960). Physician; pioneer of Seventh-day Adventist health education in Britain. He was the son of O. A. Olsen, onetime president of the General Conference. ...
  10. 99410. Eduardo Thomann

    (1874-1955). One of the earliest Seventh-day Adventists in Chile, pioneer missionary in Bolivia and Peru, editor. He was born in Switzerland and came to Chile in 1885. ...
  11. 99411. Calvin Bollman

    (1853-1943). Editor. He preached in Nebraska from 1881 to 1884, then served on the staff of the Pacific Press from 1884 to 1896, the latter part of the time being spent in editorial work at the branch ...
  12. 99412. Harmon Lindsay

    (1835-1919). Financial administrator. He was treasurer of the General Conference from 1874 to 1875 and from 1888 to 1893, and participated in the establishment and development of Battle Creek College ...
  13. 99413. Florence Keller

    (1875-1974). Physician and missionary. Keller was born in Missouri and as a young child lived with her family in Arkansas. ...
  14. 99414. Simon Ngaiyaye

    (c. 1880-1958). Teacher, evangelist, and administrator in Nyasaland (Malawi), Africa. He was born in Portuguese Angoniland of pagan parents, but was converted to Christianity in 1904, and was baptized ...
  15. 99415. Walter Tarr

    (1878-1970). Missionary. Tarr was born in the Grahamstown district of South Africa, the descendant of British settlers. He was left an orphan at an early age. ...


Sven Jespersson

Otto Lüpke

Nora Mattison

Herman Menkel

Sidney Rittenhouse

Chester Schneider

Merritt Warren

Editorials and Articles

Alfred Olsen

Eduardo Thomann

Calvin Bollman

Harmon Lindsay

Florence Keller

Simon Ngaiyaye

Walter Tarr

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