Grade 7 and 8 (Lessons grades)

Jesus-focused Learning

  • Reading Story—"Schools for God's Children" Ellen White remembered a horrifying incident as a school girl. A teacher, in anger, mistakenly hit Ellen on the forehead with a ruler, leaving an ugly, bleeding gash. The memory of this incident motivated Mrs. White to try and find a way to start Adventist schools.

Healing Broken Relationships

  • Reading Story—"Sued for Kindness" After Mrs. White raised her two nieces, Addie and May, their father re-appeared on the scene (after the girls are college-age) and decided to sue her for $25,000 on the charge of stealing his daughters' affections!

God's Messengers(7-8 lesson)

  • Reading Story—"Called to Preach" John Loughborough was called to be a minister. He loved preaching but struggled financially and was tempted to quit. But Ellen White encouraged him to have faith, and he continued preaching for another 70 years.