Grade 5 and 6 (Lessons grades)

Freedom in Healthy Living

  • Reading Story—"Hope for a Dying Boy" Mrs. White gave sound counsel to a family whose little boy was dying because of an unhealthy diet. After the family accepts her advice, the little boy got better and lived to be 96!

Privilege of Talents

  • Reading Story—"A Bolt of White Cloth" Ellen White became discouraged by all the hard work she was doing, with no apparent results. God gave her a vision showing her the error of pre-judging the outcome of the seeds she'd sown.

Discover Jesus(5-6)

  • Reading Story—"Where's Jesus?" In the 1880s, many church members were completely wrapped up in the importance of rules and regulations of religion instead of the love of Jesus. During a church service, Mr. Waggoner's eyes were opened to the importance of emphasizing that Jesus saves—you are not saved by keeping all the commandments, as important as that is.