Grade 3 and 4 (Lessons grades)

Windows Into God's Word

  • Reading Story 1—"Mutiny Aboard the Bounty" After all the violence and bloodshed on Pitcairn Island, Alexander Smith was now the only man left alive. Ten years had passed since the mutiny on the Bounty. Recognizing his need of God from reading the Bible and The Book of Common Prayer, Smith changed his life and led the other islanders to Jesus.

God's Messengers(3-4 lesson)

  • Reading Story—"Dark Stains" God revealed to Ellen White the secret sin of William Farnsworth, upstanding member of the Washington, New Hampshire, church. As a result of her care and concern, eleven people gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized.

Freedom From Fear(3-4)

  • Reading Story—"Every Last Drop" Ellen (Harmon) White and some friends were in a little sailboat, caught out at sea in a violent storm. God gave Ellen a vision right in the middle of the storm to reassure everyone aboard that they would not drown.