Privilege of Talents

  • Reading Story—"A Bolt of White Cloth" Ellen White became discouraged by all the hard work she was doing, with no apparent results. God gave her a vision showing her the error of pre-judging the outcome of the seeds she'd sown.
  • Audio Story—"Following the Path of Duty" James and Ellen White turned down several preaching invitations. They didn't have enough money, plus traveling with their new baby boy would be difficult. One night, James and Ellen White discovered Baby Henry burning up with a fever. They tried everything they could, but the baby didn't get better. The doctor said he doubted Henry would recover. James and Ellen White prayed and asked God to heal their baby, but even that didn't seem to work. Then they realized they had been using Baby Henry as an excuse not to travel and do God's work. They knelt down and prayed again, promising to go wherever God would send them. Henry began to recover. Soon after this incident, the Whites received an invitation from friends in Middletown, Connecticut. From Maine where they were then living, they had only enough money to get to Massachusetts, but they decided to go anyway, trusting that God would provide. In Massachusetts, the people they were visiting gave them some money, enough to pay for their fare to Connecticut.
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