Jesus-focused Learning

  • Reading Story—"Schools for God's Children" Ellen White remembered a horrifying incident as a school girl. A teacher, in anger, mistakenly hit Ellen on the forehead with a ruler, leaving an ugly, bleeding gash. The memory of this incident motivated Mrs. White to try and find a way to start Adventist schools.
  • Audio Story—"Education's Shaky Start" In 1853, Martha Byington taught the first SDA school in a house with a little more than a dozen students. There they could have Bible classes as well as learn "the three Rs". Conducting a school was not easy, however, and it eventually died out. A few years later, the Battle Creek Church decided to open a school. They asked John Fletcher Byington, Martha's brother, if he'd be willing to teach. This time parents complained that the discipline was too strict, and the school was shut down. A few years later, some young people took the necessary steps toward establishing Christian education. Edson White introduced himself to a man who was sawing wood. The man's name was G. H. Bell. Mr. Bell had been a teacher for 15 years but had come to the Health Institute to improve his health. Edson asked him if he would be willing to teach him and a few friends in the evenings. Mr. Bell agreed. He was surprised when 14 young people showed up at his door ready to learn.
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