God's Messengers(7-8 lesson)

  • Reading Story—"Called to Preach" John Loughborough was called to be a minister. He loved preaching but struggled financially and was tempted to quit. But Ellen White encouraged him to have faith, and he continued preaching for another 70 years.
  • Audio Story—"God's Command" Ellen Harmon was hesitant about sharing her visions. She was only 17, timid, and ill. It was winter time, and they were out of money. Besides, a young unmarried girl wasn't supposed to travel around. Ellen Harmon became depressed, and some believers came together pray for her. Ellen agreed to join them for prayer. A sudden light came upon her, and Ellen knew she had to tell others about what she had seen. Her sister wondered how Ellen could speak publicly when her voice was so weak, but God gave her the strength, and her voice remained strong while she spoke.
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