God's Messengers(3-4 lesson)

  • Reading Story—"Dark Stains" God revealed to Ellen White the secret sin of William Farnsworth, upstanding member of the Washington, New Hampshire, church. As a result of her care and concern, eleven people gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized.
  • Audio Story—"God's First Messenger" Before Ellen Harmon's first vision, God gave a message to William Foy, an African-American. At first he was hesitant to share the message, because who would believe a black man? But after struggling with his conscience and finding no peace or comfort, he realized he must tell others what God had shown him. William Foy traveled throughout New England sharing his visions. Before long he had spent all his savings on traveling expenses. William Foy stopped preaching to work full time, but he wasn't at peace. At last he decided he must do his duty. Although he did not continue to receive visions, William Foy remained active in ministry until his death in 1893 at age of 75. He did his duty faithfully, to the best of his ability.
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