Freedom in Healthy Living

  • Reading Story—"Hope for a Dying Boy" Mrs. White gave sound counsel to a family whose little boy was dying because of an unhealthy diet. After the family accepts her advice, the little boy got better and lived to be 96!
  • Audio Story—"Holy, Happy, Healthy" In the 1800s people didn't know how to take care of their bodies. They didn't know the causes of disease, and they didn't know that diet affected health. In 1863 Ellen White had a vision about health. It was so different from common beliefs and practices that she was hesitant to share the message. Some of the things she saw in her vision included working and eating moderately, the importance of sunlight, water, and fresh air, and that meat can cause disease. The first few meals without meat were difficult for Ellen White to eat, but she was determined to follow the health principles in her vision. Other people adopted the health guidelines and responded positively. However, Ellen White warned against those who were taking the health principles to an extreme.
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