Freedom From Fear(3-4)

  • Reading Story—"Every Last Drop" Ellen (Harmon) White and some friends were in a little sailboat, caught out at sea in a violent storm. God gave Ellen a vision right in the middle of the storm to reassure everyone aboard that they would not drown.
  • Audio Story—"Answering the Call" James White traveled to a town and began a series of evangelistic meetings at the schoolhouse. At the end of his first meeting, a man stood up and challenged him. He was furious with James's teachings and threatened to break up future meetings. James refused to be intimidated by the threats and returned to preach the next night. An angry mob surrounded the schoolhouse and began shouting and throwing snowballs into the building. But James continued to talk to the crowd as best as he could, and by the end of the meeting, nearly a hundred people stood to request prayer. As James exited the schoolhouse, the mob grew louder. Suddenly a man appeared by James's side and escorted him through the mob. After they passed through the mob, James turned to thank the man, but the man was not there.
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