Review Silent on the Visions

04 December 1855

During its first five years the Review and Herald had not included even one vision given by God to Ellen White, and very little had been said about God's communicating through the visions to encourage, guard, and counsel His people.

True, in 1851 Ellen White's first little 64-page book, which presented many of the visions of the previous seven years, had been published and circulated. But with the intent of not offending the general public, the Review was silent on the visions, and its editor had done no more than maintain that visions in the last days are scriptural. Now, with the confessions of neglect and the determination to place the gift in its proper place in the church, the whole atmosphere changed. The minutes of the conference and the conference address were published December 4, 1855, in the first issue of the Review printed in Battle Creek. This issue carried Uriah Smith's name on the masthead as resident editor, and James White as one of the corresponding editors.