Discover Jesus(5-6)

  • Reading Story—"Where's Jesus?" In the 1880s, many church members were completely wrapped up in the importance of rules and regulations of religion instead of the love of Jesus. During a church service, Mr. Waggoner's eyes were opened to the importance of emphasizing that Jesus saves—you are not saved by keeping all the commandments, as important as that is.
  • Audio Story—"Searching for Christ" Ellen Harmon was discouraged and afraid because she didn't think she'd ever be worthy to be a child of God. Finally, she decided to accept God's gift of grace and salvation, but she was distressed because she didn't feel the ecstasy that she thought would prove that she had been accepted by God. As she prayed, she suddenly felt her burdens disappear and Jesus seemed very near. She was later baptized by immersion. But Ellen's doubts were not fully gone. She didn't think she could ever have the purity known as sanctification. But she was sure of one thing: Those who find Jesus will rejoice at His coming.
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